Beauty therapy is to be enjoyed, to nurture your skin, body & mind. Bring wellness to your soul through relaxation & connection. We are a collective treating with an open heart, honouring your selfcare journey with clean beauty & skincare. Giving back to social projects.   

Our Promise

Heartspace Pledge

We promise to treat you from a heartspace and take a hands on approach to our treatments. We are slowing beauty down, so you can enjoy the experience and the sensory journey into your self care and wellbeing.  Our core values are connection, fun, consistent, equal. 

Beauty Therapist Collective

We are a collective of Diploma qualified Beauty Therapists putting the heartbeat back into beauty. We have a desire to honour our craft by taking a hands on approach to our treatments. Tuning into your energy, taking you on a sensory journey and "slowing" beauty down to help you ground, washing away your stress. Visit our beauty salon to worship the selfcare journey. 

We choose to tread lightly at Heartspace & use Clean Beauty & Skincare: low tox, low impact, organic, no harm, sustainable products.

Looking for something special for someone special?

Gift Cards

Wanting to show someone you have space in your heart for them? Our gift cards are a beautiful way to show your appreciation. We promise to show kindness and treat your special person with care. We honour the traditional philosophy of beauty therapy focusing on self care, connection, relaxation and wellbeing. 

Doing Business From the Heart

Every Visit Makes a Difference

We are dedicated to making a difference and being totally authentic when we say we are doing business from a Heartspace. Thats why for every time you support us we pay it forward & support a social project in either education, human rights or environmental sustainability. 

Heartspace Business


Heartspace Beauty Collective

Heartspace Beauty Collective

Heartspace Beauty Collective

A Collective of Diploma qualified Beauty Therapists putting the heartbeat back into beauty in and industry that is losing personality.  The team treat by honouring touch therapy and the self care as a journey in a salon space in Nelson bay. 


Heartspace Coaching

Heartspace Beauty Collective

Heartspace Beauty Collective

I am here to empower & support you on your business journey. To help you discover the possibilities & opportunities within you & available to you. To uplift & inspire you to grow beyond the boundaries you may have imposed on yourself consciously and unconsciously. 



Heartspace Store

Heartspace Beauty Collective

Heartspace Store

Conscious & Connected Brand Collaboration

Heartspace online Store brings you a collection selfcare, health, lifestyle & wellbeing products to help you reduce your plastic footprint, live mindfully & connected to your intentions. 

Low Tox - Low Impact -

Sustainable -Organic - Handmade

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